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More Testimonials from the Myrtle Ivy community

"It's just been great for me from starting a new business, meeting these people, going through a health crisis and just having something consistent in your life that you know you can go to and have a chat."

- Brett

"Signing the lease for Besk in 2016 was a turning point after 12 years at Mane in Belmont. I quickly grew to love the flower district and the high-quality coffee at Myrtle, which became a daily ritual for me and the growing Besk team. The friendships we've formed with the Myrtle family, along with our morning chats with Michael and Chris, make starting the day at Myrtle an uplifting experience"

- Elliot

"Loyal is a good word. I feel so loyal to Myrtle Ivy. Mike and Chris have always strived to have the best quality beans. The coffee was excellent from day one."

- Simone

"From all the friendships I made at Myrtle, to repping Myrtle Ivy as a 'Myrtle Turtle' for the Rotto Swim, to working behind the counter of this special place. It's been such a constant for me over the years and while I don't get back as often these days, I still leave with the same feeling I always have - filled with warmth, like a big, long hug."

- Jane

"I'd like to thank Mike and Chris for being such incredible leaders in our community. From the flower district to their kindness as landlords, they've been nothing but great. We've enjoyed being part of Myrtle Ivy and being close to them. Thank you for everything you do around here."

- Justin

"Mike and Chris are like family to us and with family, it doesn't matter what mood you're in. They accept you in all types of moods. I don't think of coming here as being like just go and grab a coffee. It's like checking in with Mum and Dad."

- Matt

"I would often travel past several other coffee shops to get my Myrtle fix.

The warm and relaxed atmosphere is so nice, it’s a bonus that the coffee is amazing."

- Dougie (Stadium Tri Club)

"Thanks Mike & Chris for making Myrtle so special to us. Myrtle has been our weekend coffee hub the last few years. From delicious coffees and treats to tasty brekkie and lunches. Always a welcoming community atmosphere with familiar smiling faces."

- Aoife & Nigel (Stadium Tri club)

"One of the nice things about Myrtle Ivy is that even though it is kind of small, it addresses the street and is fundamentally about the orientation of the café. It really feels like an outdoor kind of lounge room environment. You get the morning sun and getting a coffee early becomes a morning thing; a ritual"

- Steve

I have been pretty much Mr Small Flat White all along, though have mixed things up occasionally. Myrtle Ivy coffee has always been so consistent and a great start to my day.

- Simon

"There is space outside and the kids love it. Last night, Henry asked if we could come to the 'Chino shop' as a family. They get a baby Chino. Mum and Dad get a coffee, everyone's happy. So we love it and aside from it being a beautiful spot and really close by, we think it is absolutely the best coffee in Perth."

- Amelia & family

​ "I loved being part of the café's evolution, seeing Chris collaborate with suppliers committed to healthy ingredients and ethical practices, and admiring the endless creativity in the café's design."

- Tarsh

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