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Michael and Chris embarked on a journey to create Myrtle Ivy. A café inspired by Chris's grandmother, Myrtle Ivy, who embodied wisdom and generosity. Their goal was to establish a community-centred space in their neighbourhood, driven by a shared desire to foster connections and create a welcoming environment.

They were determined to fill what they perceived as a gap in their local area—good coffee paired with a place where people could gather, share stories, and feel a sense of belonging.

The journey began with the transformation of a simple space into a cozy café adorned with personal touches, reflecting both Michael's architectural flair and Chris's vision for a warm, inviting atmosphere. They opened their doors not only to customers, but to anyone seeking a refuge from the busy urban life—a place where strangers became friends over cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Their venture was not without challenges. They navigated the complexities of running a business together, learning and growing with each obstacle they faced. Michael, with his background in architecture, focused on creating a physical space that was aesthetically pleasing and functional, while Chris infused the café with a sense of community spirit, taking initiatives that brought people together.

Over time, Myrtle Ivy became more than just a café; it became a cultural hub. The café's walls echoed with laughter, deep conversations, and the clinking of coffee cups—a testament to Michael and Chris's dedication to nurturing a vibrant community space.

Their legacy, they hoped, would be one of inclusivity and warmth—a place where everyone felt welcomed and valued. As they reflected on their journey, they cherished the friendships forged and the memories created at Myrtle Ivy, knowing that Chris's grandmother's spirit of generosity and connection had permeated every aspect of their venture.

Through Myrtle Ivy, Michael and Chris not only found a fulfilling purpose, but also enriched the lives of those around them, leaving behind a lasting imprint on their neighbourhood and beyond.

Myrtle Ivy
A grandmother, a café, a community

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